Maximizing your British Airways 100K Bonus

by Brad Burnett - Thursday, April 12, 2012

The biggest gripe with the 100K British Airways bonus is that some of the rewards tickets come with a hefty bunch of taxes and fees.  (Flying to Europe for example)  However we’re here to give you the low down on where the fees are and where they aren’t when redeeming for Avios points.

Here are a few examples of just how bad the fees can get:

  • LAX – London Heathrow:  $655 in fees and 50,000 Avios Miles
  • Philidelphia – Paris:  Business Class:  A Whopping $1099 in fees and 80,000 Avios Miles 
  • Other East Coast Itineraries to Europe range from 80,000 to 120,000 miles with fees hovering around $1000!

So where are the good itineraries you can take advantage of your 100K Avios points?

Using your Avios points on American Airlines works out to be pretty sweet, and springtime in Seattle is the time to get out of town to the nearest tropical destination which usually ends up being Hawaii

  • SEA to Kauai in Economy:   Only 25,000 Avios points for a round trip ticket with fees of only $22.  Your 100K bonus could get 4 tickets!

So maybe you’re not interested in Europe, but would rather get to Asia instead.  The good news for you is that the fees and taxes are much less expensive for Asian destinations.

  • On American Airlines you can use 70,000 Avios points and only $302 in fees to get you from Chicago to Shanghai.  Not too shabby.


Don’t be dismayed by the prohibitive fees for US flights to Europe.  Use your signup bonus wisely and fly on American Airlines with your Avios points to US or Asian destinations instead.  That credit card sign up bonus will stretch a lot further!


British Airways 100K Bonus Roars Back for 2012

by Brad Burnett - Monday, April 9, 2012

We were the first to let the public know that the British Airways card was on it’s way back,  and here’s the big news.  This is the biggest bonus to hit in 2012.   The 100K British Airways bonus is here now!  If you were disappointed that the Chase Sapphire card bonus was recently reduced from 50K Ultimate Rewards miles to only 40K, or if  you missed the 60K Chase Ink Bold bonus, travel hackers and bonus miles hunters can now sink their teeth into a juicy 100K bonus miles offer.  Keep in mind the minimum spend is fairly high to get the bonus ($20K  spend over one year to get the full bonus)

The British Airways 100K bonus is like other offers,  make sure you understand the terms, minimum spend, annual fees, etc.  You’ll still get 50,000 Avios miles after your first purchase, but to get the full benefit the average joe will have to strategize on how to make the minimum spend.   The key for me is to make sure I can put 1) regular bills, 2) business expenses that are reimbursed, and 3) groceries and gas on a card to be sure to hit the minimum spend requirements.   Remember that the credit card companies are basically betting on you, and that you won’t pay off your balance each month.  The key to coming out ahead when using the best credit card bonuses to hack your way to free travel and collect signup bonuses is to ALWAYS pay off your balance each month.

Here are the details of the all new British Airways Visa bonus for 2012:


British Airways 100K bonus 2012

Chase British Airways Visa 100K bonus for 2012:

  •  50,000  Avios miles after you make a first purchase. (no minimum amount)
  •  25,000 more Avios miles after you make $10,000 in purchases in the first year your account is open
  •  25,000 additional bonus Avios miles after you pull off  $20,000 in purchases on the card in the first year
  • Annual Fee: $95
The average person will have to work hard to make the purchase requirements to get the 100K  British Airways points bonus.  Another thing to keep in mind is that you’ll want to use your Avios miles to fly in the US.  If you try to use them for international travel , you’ll get stuck with 400-500 dollars in taxes.  You can fly within the US on American as they are a partner airline.  The only purpose I really see for British Airways points are for flights within the U.S. on American, their partner.   The taxes are nothing and the short haul flights require a relatively low amount of miles.If you are a big spending then I would definitely go for this card.  Otherwise, I’d let it pass and wait for a better offer.  They always come!  Just be patient!Full BA 100K bonus details here

** The links in this article are not sponsored and CreditSense does NOT receive any compensation from your use of these links.  This is simply a good deal and we want you to know about it.

Fight April Showers with these Travel Deals

by Brad Burnett - Monday, April 2, 2012

If you’re in need of escaping April showers a la spring vacation here are some travel deals to get you started this week:

Soak up rays of sunshine instead of just getting soaked by excaping to the Wyndham Rio Mar Grand Resort in Puerto Rico for $479/person incl. air:Wyndam Hotel Points

Or swing some 3 nights in Cabo for only $199 at the Marbella Suites

Ways to Use Miles

Join up at the US Airways club now and get  2 free months + 2,500   status qualification miles

Dine in style in NYC with a little help from British Airways.  They’re offering $100 in statement credit on their VISA card for eating out at any NYC restaurant with Michelin stars twice ($50 for dining once). Of cours you have to spend at least $50

US Airways has the best offer for using FF miles for business class tickets to Europe; at 60k or 55k you’re rocking past the usal 100K miles you’d have to spend.  ᅠMight be a good time to use those US Air miles  to book/look. Here’s the  US Airways Award Chart that will get you started.

British Airways Chase Card – 100,000 mile bonus on it’s way back in 2012

by Brad Burnett - Sunday, March 18, 2012

Big news!  I just heard from a very reliable source that Chase is gearing up to offer their British Airways 100,000 mile signup bonus (or more) soon this year.   If you weren’t around last year you may have missed out on the feeding frenzy when Chase and British Airways opened the doors to 100K miles for signing up for their card.

British Airways 100K Chase Bonus

The unbeatable offer was worth not less than 2 transatlantic flights from anywhere in North America to Europe!  Don’t be surprised if Chase and British Airways up their game this year and offer 125K miles.   Here’s what to expect when the 2012 offer goes live:

On The Rise: Chase Ultimate Rewards

by Brad Burnett - Thursday, January 26, 2012

Chase has really been upping their game this year by adding points partners left and right.  They’ve added several partners to which you can transfer your Ultimate Rewards Points without any fees.  Speaking of fees, I have to say that most times I’ve ever seen points transfer promotions I cringe because the fees usually eat of the value of the points.  I’ve seen these occasionally with Delta Skymiles.  If you don’t know what the value of your points are, then paying 2 cents per point to transfer them to someone else doesn’t seem so bad, but if you do your homework you quickly realize that the 2 cents are worth more than the points in the first place.  That’s part of the reason why I think Chase’s Ultimate Rewards program is getting pretty darn good.

American Express was the pioneer of the rewards programs, and had the best program for a long time, but Chase is getting close to winning the title.  Here are the programs you can transfer your points to:


Hotel Rewards Programs:

Hyatt Points

Priority Club Points

Marriott Rewards Points

Frequent Flyer Points

Southwest Rapid Rewards

United Mileage Plus Points

British Airways Avios Points

Continental OnePass

Korean Air Miles

Chase Ultimate Rewards

Chase also has some serious promotions for earning more points:

The Chase online mall/portal has some serious point earning opportunities.   For example Apple purchases can earn you 10 points per dollar.  Use your card to buy a Macbook Pro, and you’d earn almost enough points for a free flight on that purchase alone!